An Alphabetical list of all the articles available on this website.

A new series where I share my thoughts on relevant subjects, mostly current affairs. I often get asked for such but only those who ask get to hear them in emails. Many times people have said that my comments were helpful and should be written down, but other projects meant that I had no time to spend on short issues. However, it seem that collecting a series of short considerations in one paper may be of some use; hence the occasional thoughts series. It may also reduce repeating things in vario

These short articles are pithy and concise answers to common questions. I have deliberately limited myself to an A5 format in order to keep the answers brief. The file is laid out with A5 sections on one A4landscape page. This is to enable those who wish to distribute these answers to print out multiple copies and divide the page in two. Of necessity a few subjects are so big that there are multiple question cards on them in order to be comprehensive.

These are one-page papers that are part of a continuing series called Truth Bombs, succinct papers highlighting a single issue. It is a series of concise papers which seek to explain lies, errors, misunderstandings or misrepresented facts.